We would like to thank all those who came together to make SAREX 2017 possible. 

Please enjoy some photos to the event.


All California Search and Rescue Personnel,

I invite each of you to come join us in Merced County for SAREX 2017. My mission is to provide you with a safe place to have some great training. I’m also making it my personal mission to make sure you are all fed well during your stay with us. My staff has some great training lined up for SAREX this year which I hope you will enjoy. I look forward to meeting most, if not everyone, who attends SAREX this year.

Thank you for your commitment to Search and Rescue,

Sheriff Vern H Warnke

Welcome to SAREX 2017
Hosted by the Merced County Sheriff’s Office
at San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area

    On behalf of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services - Law Enforcement Branch, I would like to welcome you to SAREX 2017, hosted by the Merced County Sheriff‘s Office - and presented at the San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area. It has been a distinct honor and a pleasure to work side by side with the proficient staff of this fine organization to put on this popular event. I'm confident that you will clearly recognize the extensive efforts and personal dedication put forth by these professionals for the benefit of search and rescue personnel statewide. To this we owe thanks to the dedicated staff of SAREX 2017. 

     SAREX 2017 provides a wide spectrum of SAR courses to enhance your knowledge and skills as a SAR professional. It is designed to encompass all aspects of SAR to help us prepare for effective and efficient responses to California’s wilderness and urban environment SAR problems as well as disasters. I'm sure you will find this well-rounded event very beneficial to you and to the service you provide, all in a beautiful setting in the Central Valley. Please join us as we commend Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke, his SAR staff, as well as all the dedicated SAREX 2017 staff for an outstanding job hosting this weekend training event. 

     I'm looking forward to working with each and every one of you throughout the years as we face the ever-increasing challenges of SAR in California. Enjoy SAREX 2017! 


Matt Scharper, Deputy Chief CalOES