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    Skyline Wilderness Park, Napa

    Skyline Wilderness Park, Napa

    The map above is pined at the West Entrance of the park; this is not the normal "Kiosk" Entrance.  Watch for     SAREX 2014    signs when you arrive to avoid confusion.

    SAREX 2014 Site Map  - Still Under Development

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    • Registration for SAREX 2014 includes access to vendors, events and training activities, meals from Friday evening through Sunday Lunch, as well as free tent and "dry" RV camping.   
    • Several events on the schedule have space limitations and require further sign-ups, see descriptions on this site for details.
    • The Saturday night Wine & Cheese event is for those 21 and older, and has additional charges attached.  
    • For your comfort and seating convenience, we've adopted the policy of BYOC  - Bring Your Own Chair.  No uncomfortable folding chairs to fight, and you know you always have the seat that's right for you!